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Mark Reynolds

Even though he hates this nickname... 

I love the Sheriff! 

Except for leagues where strikeouts count against you.  What's not to like?   

A couple (important) things need to happen before he reaches the top five tier.  He's got to hit the off-speed pitches more consistently, & he's got to start covering the outside of the plate by taking it to the opposite field.  

There's no denying this kids power.  We'll just have to see if he improves on those two things mentioned above.  Since pitchers usually dominate the hitters early at the beginning of the season with off-speed stuff.  Give him 3 months.  If he starts hitting the off-speed by early June, you got a steal.  & your top 5 third baseman.  Make sure the rest of your league knows it too!         

Another thing to note...   Reynolds started out of the gate hitting homeruns last year.  (Along with some other D-backs)  & there's a real good chance it will happen again this year.  Especially home games where it is nice n toasty.  Which makes it is so worth picking him up in the late rounds. 

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Go Team USA!!!

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Fantasy Baseball Draft "Just do your homework."

3 or 4 years ago I was in a league where I didn't pay attention to my rankings list before I drafted.  Not only that, I did not prepare each pick during the draft by putting them in queue incase something happened.  Well come my second pick, I lost my internet connection and Craig Wilson was selected off my rankings list.  Previously I was messing around putting players I was targeting to be breakouts at the top of my list.  However I never finished it.  Wow did I take a ribbing from the rest of the league when I got back online for my third pick.  They were relentless, but I did not beat myself up over it.  I just kept drafting and ended up with a pretty good team.  That is... good enough to win the league...AND YOU KNOW...I had to get me some payback.  So I posted a nice picture of Craig Wilson holding a trophy since he was instrumental in helping my team win.  Of course that was his only good year, but I had him when it counted.  Now the whole point of my story can take a risk with one of your first 3 picks as long as your other two are solid.  So never feel you have to follow conventional wisdom when drafting your first pick, second pick, or 3rd pick.  Just do your homework to make sure you have solid picks when taking that unconventional risk.  Also, for the love of god, don't forget to prerank your players and queue up during the draft.
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